Jun 2, 2011

Try Rice Bowl with Flavorful Nijinobuta Pork at Momoya Restaurant

Momoya (ももや)is a traditional Japanese restaurant located within one minute from JR Tazawako Station. Momoya serves exquisite and healthy meals with highly selected local ingredients. Although Momoya's dinner is available on reservations only, you can try the lunch with no reservations!

Nijinobuta Kabayaki-don (虹の豚蒲焼丼)1,100 Yen

So juicy and tasty!

The stem of udo (Aralia cordata) is enjoyed
with sweet sumiso (paste of miso and vinegar).

Nijinobuta Kabayaki-don (虹の豚蒲焼丼) is the newest item on the list. It was occasionally available as “Today’s Special” but it has just become a regular item on the menue due to the customer’s strong requests!

This rice bowl is served with Nijinobuta pork  grilled with kabayaki sauce (sweetened soy-sauce). Needless to say, the pork is so juicy and tender, which is what the brand, Nijinobuta, is known for. It is a fairly new brand that has been produced in Tazawako area. Slices of Nijinobuta is marinaded in sweetened soy-sauce, grilled and then served over steamed white rice! The meat is so delicious that you would never be disappointed -- as well as the sauce, it brings out the meat's full flavor. A customer acclaimed, "I'd finish another rice bowl even with the sauce alone!"

Nijinobuta (虹の豚)is Tazawako's local pork brand.

The order comes with a bowl of miso soup, a side of palate freshener and desert. The side dish that accompanied on this day was a small portion of Udo (Aralia cordata), a type of sansai (mountain vegetables), served with sweetened sumiso (vinegar-miso). You can also take the grilled pork to-go for 850 yen.

Oshokuji-dokoro Momoya
TEL: 0187-43-0031

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