Jun 3, 2011

Azaleas Are Blooming At Obonai Park in Tazawako Area

Obonai Park (Obonai Koen ;生保内公園) is known for the beautiful Japanese Azalea trees (Tsustuji)! There are more than 10,000 Azalea trees in this park, where you can find playground equipments and a small stage. The Azalea colony is spread over a hill – from a gazebo at the top, you can have a panoramic view of the Obonai residential area. On the other side of the hill, you can walk through the trees to find Jizo statues and a tiny waterfall.


Every year, a community festival is held to welcome the visitors in the blooming Azaleas; however, due to the voluntary restraint mood to respect the sentiments of the earthquake victims, this year the festival is slightly downsized.

However, the Azaleas are in bloom as usual! The beautiful flowers in various hues are bringing us the earliest sign of approaching summer. Between June 4th and 12th, there will be a few weekend events to welcome you at the park.

A Mochi-tsuki (Mochi-pounding) will be held on June 5th, 2011, 11 a.m. hosting you as well as the people who have been sheltered at hotels in Semboku City. The weekend after, there will be ground-golf games for the local seniors groups.

The park is only 10 – 15 min walk from JR Tazawako Station. If you have a few hours to kill at the station, we recommend you to take a walk or a bicycle ride to the park! You can ask for a map at FOLAKE Tazawako Tourism Information Center and go explore this small rural community!

The weather has been very nice in Tazawako, why don’t you have a little picnic in the Azaleas?

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