Jun 28, 2011

A Hotel with 3 Meals and a Foot Massage – A Great Deal for Hikers!

Now we are in the best season for hikers to see the greenness in the Akita Komagatake and Mt. Nyuto area! The popular hiking route – out and back between the 8th station and the flowery summit area – takes only about 3 hours. Staying at a nearby hotel can give you more time to enjoy the surrounding area, since you do not want to miss the beautiful Lake Tazawa, historic Nyuto Onsen hotsprings, and enjoy delicious craft beers!

Tazawako Kogen Hotel's Hot Spring Bath

Tazawa Kogen Hotel offers you an ideal package of an accommodation with 3 meals (dinner, breakfast, and a to-go lunch for your hiking trip) plus a foot massage to get ready for the hiking on the following day!

They give you a lunch for the hiking trip -- very convenient since there is no conbini (convenient stores) or grocer in the area! Also, the package includes a foot massage, whose regular prices are at 2,100 yen – A great deal!

Moreover, the hotel is located within a walking distance from Arupa Komakusa, where you will be taking a bus to the 8th station of Akita Komagatake.

One adult price is at 10,000 Yen (Sunday-Friday) or 12,000 Yen (Saturday and a day before holiday). This is a special deal that is available for only one pair or a single person. Please make a reservation at Tabiyori, Semboku City Touist Information Center.

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