Jun 20, 2011

Tazawako Beer Won International Competition Again!

Tazawako Beer  (田沢湖ビール)has won another international award at Japan Asia Beer Cup 2011 by Japan Craft Beer Association (JCBA). Weizen of Tazawako Beer managed by Warabi-za in Semboku City has won the gold prize in the category of Weisbier.

Weizen features a tart and fruity flavor like banana and has been the original bottle since the company’s establishment in 1997. The company have just released 3,000 bottles in April but soon adding another 6,000 bottles in July to commemorate the winning of the gold prize, which is the second time to receive such award following their Altbier in 2006.

This year the awarding ceremony was held in Ebisu, Tokyo. 54 Craft beer breweries around Japan have submitted 144 brands in 24 categories. Tazawako Beer was awarded a silver prize on another bottle called Oraho made from smoked malt.

A 330ml bottle of Weizen is available for 498 Yen and Oraho is for 795 Yen. Inquire Tazawako Beer.

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