Jun 27, 2011

A Lunch and Bathing to Try Therapeutic Tamagawa Hot Spring Water

Tamagawa Onsen is popular for those who seek for hydrotherapy treatment!

In the recent article in JAL SKYWARD (June 2011 issue, page 19), Tamagawa Onsen is introduced as an excellent example of healing benefits. Mr. Muraki Katsumasa, the sales manager of Tamagawa Onsen, says in an interview that it is one of the only 2 locations in the world to find the hokutolite (the mildly active mineral designated as the protected by the government). The hot spring water in Tamagawa has the highest acidic content in Japan, which is said to be possibly beneficial for skin problems and stomach problems. (However, it is also known that it is highly dependable on the sensitivity of your health condition.)

Besides the hydrotherapy introduced in the article, Tamagawa Onsen is known for the birthplace of ganbanyoku experience – guests lay down on the mildly active bedrocks for a short time to relax because it is believed to be effective to boost your metabolism. (Note: it is not scientifically nor medically proven, and it again depends on the individuals.)

Shin-Tamagawa Onsen (新玉川温泉)is another facility under the same management, which was built due to the popularity and high demand. It is about 3km away from Tamagawa Onsen but features the same hot spring water and in 7 different bathing areas!

If you are interested in trying the hot spring of Tamagawa Onsen, here is what we recommend:

Bathing and Lunch at Shin-Tamagawa Onsen
Available from June 1st to August 30th. (11:00 – 14:00)
Prices at 3,000Yen (A bento box with Nishiki Beef) and 1,500 Yen (Lunch of the Day)

A Nishiki Beef Bento Box for 3,000 Yen and it includes a bathing fee!

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