Apr 15, 2011

A Website to Prove its Strength: "Tohoku Never Gives In"

A month has gone. Relief has been continuing to support the survivors. Meanwhile, the aftershocks still remain, though less frequent, and it have become a matter of endurance. So, let’s admit: A long-term fight needs sustainable support!

The sustainable support can only come from what we could do on our individual level. So, here is what a design company has created, a website where people share ideas on how they continue supporting.

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Tohoku-wa-Makenai (“Tohoku Never Give In”) has been created by designers in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture. The objective is, says Mr. Tamura on the site, to record the before-and-after images of recovery of Tohoku people. The pictures of smiles and messages on the boards will be once again collected and published a year later, March 11th, 2012. Tohoku people will retain its strength; this site will become a proof that “Tohoku Never Gives in.” even to the largest disaster in the history of Japan!

This simple website organizes important messages. People in major cities around Tohoku share encouragement and determination on how to continue helping for the Tohoku recovery.

Many contributors are individuals and owners of small businesses. Their pictures are posted with the names, contact information, and how they continue to support on their personal level (e.g. donation box, sending supplies, having charity events, even smiles).

“Our properties are gone, but we are surviving” -- Survivors send out messages to other areas. Meanwhile, the people in less-affected cities (Like Akita City) stand aside: “Together we get through this. Let’s keep it up.”

Although this website is meant to encourage one another, it also serves as a reminder for the contributors to keep up their own spirits to proove “Tohoku Never Give in”.


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