Apr 15, 2011

Akita's Playing Cards Donated to the Sheltered Families

Daifugo Toranpu is a deck of playing cards specifically designed to play Daifugo (The Grand Millionaire) with humorous illustrations of Akita’s local specialty.

Since its debut in September 2010, the card has been sold at locations in Akita Prefecture only. But, earlier this week, the company started providing it to the evacuees from the other Prefectures as well, Akita Keizai Shinbun reported.

Daifugo Toranpu (Photo/Akita Keizai Shinbun)

The company had made this decision, considering that, after the 1995 earthquake in Kobe, many people enjoyed playing cards at the evacuation site and also that playing cards are seen on lists of requested relief items at some evacuation sites. “Living at shelters must be tiring both mentally and physically, so we hope that people can feel at ease while playing with the Akita cards.”

The cards are donated to the families including a member under high school. At this point, it is available for the families sheltered in Akita Prefecture only, but the company has been considering shipments to those in other prefectures as well.

The cards are provided through a family support network in Akita City. For more information, please inquire Daifugo Kenkyu-jo (大富豪研究所;TEL 080-1848-5549).

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