Apr 14, 2011

Become a Grand Millionaire – At Least in a Card Game !

Daifugo (“The Grand Millionaire”) is a popular Japanese card game, whose basic concept and rules are similar to The Great Dalmuti or President in the Western culture.

In the basic rules, your objective is to get rid of your cards by placing a stronger one than that of your previous player. Joker is the strongest after two and three is the weakest. When a revolution is erupted by placing four cards of the same number (Jokers could be substitute to make up a full set. e.g. 3 Kings and 1 Joker), three becomes the strongest after jokers and two becomes the weakest.

This game is common in all over Japan; it could also be called “Daihinmin” (The Poorest) or played on different rules. So, why could not the cards be designed specifially for playing Daifugo while reflecting the regional culture?

Daifugo Toranpu (大富豪トランプ)by Daifugo-kenkyujo

These unique cards have been much talked-about in the local area. It was designed by a design company in Akita City, Daifugo-kenkyujo (Lit, “Daifugo Research Institute”). The product has been featured in newspapers and TV shows for its humorous concept. It is now available at 25 locations in Akita Prefecture. Within  a few months after its debut in last September, the company have sold more than 1,000 sets – a big commercial success for a deck of cards!

Let’s Become a Grand Milionaire!

According to Excited News, designers has previously (in 2006) produced a localized version of Monopoly, Akita version of Monopoly. The creaters were inspired by the idea that Monopoly is said to have developed in the midst of the Great Depression in 1920s America. The unemployed youngsters came up with its concept by wishing to get rich - if not in reality, at least in the virtual card game. Today our Japanese economy is suffering again, but we could at least feel rich while playing this game.” (Excite News)

Akita's Local Specialties featured in the Playing Cards
Akita Featured in the Cards:

Many local specialties from Akita Prefecture are humorously featured in the cards: Hinai-jidori Chicken in place of Hearts, Akita-sugi (Cedar) in Spades, Akita Rice in Diamonds, and Akita-fuki (Butterbur) in Clubs. The face has illustrations of Namahage and Akita Dogs. The card with number 8 (which plays a key role) strikes you with Akita’s #1 standout, Kiritanpo!

Fun and Good to Play With:

The cards were not designed only for the fun to play. The designers spent a year on painstaking trials to test  its quality and functionality. The company organizes monthly tournament events for community members. The company comments: “Most participants are adults in between 20s and 40s. They are strangers at first meet there for the first time, but they all have a blast as if it brings back their childhood again. Playing a game is a good way to remember the importance of communication.”

Daifugo Toranpu (大富豪トランプ)is sold for 1,050 yen at 25 locations in Akita Prefecture.
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lina said...

oooohhh.... this would make good souvenirs from Akita, I would say.

Tazawako Tourism Association said...

Yes! A really fun souvenir!