Jun 18, 2010

Meet Akitas (Dogs) at Kyoei Paresu


When you hear the word, what comes into your mind first? Most people overseas probably think of a breed of dog, Akita.

Perhaps the story of Hachi made Akita Dogs known for the loyal attributes: Hachi, an Akita, brought to Tokyo by a new owner who died after a year and half. Believing that the owner would return, Hachi waited everyday at Ueno Station for nine years.

This true event was made into a film in Japan: In 2009, Hachi even made it to Hollywood: (Hachi:A Dog's Tale)

Needless to say, Akita dog is the prefectural dog of Akita. It has been serving as our symbol and even employed as the official character for the promotional campaign for the tourism website in Taiwanese.

His name is 米香 (“bee-pan”).

While you are traveling in Akita, you might see Akita dogs walking around. At Kyoei Paresu(共栄パレス), you can make sure you take a glimse of it, closely!

Hachi and Gon]

Their photos are published internationally!

Fluffy, thick ears are so adorable.


Kyoei Paresu is a large souvenir shop on Tazawako Lakeshore off "Tazawakohan" bus stop. Next to the dogs, birds that are designated as protected species can be seen as well. The Akitas, Hachi and Gon, are in the back of the souvenir shop. If you are lucky, you might catch them out of the cage!

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