Jan 21, 2011

Tazawako Kogen Snow Festival 2011 (Announcement)

Tazawako Kogen Plateau Snow Festival will be held from February 18th -20th, 2011, at Tazawako Ski Area. This festival is best known for the snow sculptures and firesworks. It is also a great chance for you to see two traditional new year's festival of Semboku City.

Last year Kecchi-zori Taikai  ("butt-sliding contest") was added to the festival and brought participants from neighboring prefectures. We have been calling  it "an international contest", hoping to welcome more international participants! So far we haven't had any applicants from other countries yet--- maybe it is your chance to be the first one enrolled!

Participating in such event will give you an unforgettable experience on your trip to Japan. You will meet many locals and tourists from other prefectures!

In the contest, you will be competing the time as a team of three people and/or an individual participant. Upon registration, you will be given a thick plastic bag, a brandnew fertilizer bag, to sit on to slide down the slope.You are prohibited to use any waxing agent.  Downhill will be held on Friday and slaloam on Saturday. You will be required to participate on both 2 days, Friday and Saturday.

The following videos are to give you an idea of how the contest will be done.



If you wish to participate or have any question, please write to us: sasaki@tazawako.org or info@tazawako.org .

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