Mar 1, 2010

Tazawako Snow Festival 2010

Tazawako Snow Festival 2010 has ended as a big success, bringing about 26,000 people to Tazawako Area. Thank you to all those people who traveled from in and out of Akita prefecture!

(''Welcome to Tazawako''.. with a wish to bring many people from everywhere!)

(Many people look forward to seeing the snow statues and kamakura. )

This year we had added a new event on our list of regular event menu…. Yes, of course、we did have the snow statues and fireworks along with the Yatai, foodstands with various kinds of hot foods. Those are not what I’m talking about here, but who would expect to have a butt-sliding contest, especially designed for adults like you! 

First, if you haven’t gotten the idea, watch this youtube preview..

''Ketchi-zori Taikai'' (The Butt-sliding Contest)

YES it's the butt-sliding that you have enjoyed or at least dreamed about as a child!  That was a great opportunity to show off your sliding skills, acting like a child, screaming and shouting. This is a valid excuse  for you to be doing this again! We all know that is purely for "a contest to win some cash for the family, you just had to do it" .....

Those who pre-entered to this contest were fathers and future-fathers along with some university students and alike who used to be children not so long ago. About 40 people had signed up in advance, but the anouncement had been spread and had brought almost triple of new-entries on the following day.

The photos could capture only the moments, but just imagine how much fun we have had!!!
(The children-at-heart waiting to show off!)

(Steep enough to get you thrilled?)

(So the race begins..)

(''Win some cash, Buddy!'')

(The time was measured by the professional and hard-core... machine!)


(''Go Daddy Go!'', his kids were cheering.)

 (This guy in business suit won the first place in the individual race!)

The real-time kids!


Big children!

More !

The awarding ceremony was held in the evening. The first prize was more than 160,000 yen (about $1700) in cash! There were some special prizes for the costumes, cheerfulness, and ''akita-bijin'' (Akita's beautiful girls), and so on.

(Awarded by the City Mayor, Mitsuhiro Kadowaki.)

The team who won the first place! Congrats!

The weather condition wasn’t the best, but luckily, we were able to see occasional blue skies and beautiful clouds. We had to cancel the hot-air balloon due to the risk by the strong winds, but we were able to have some up on the following day.  We hope to have a good weather next year!!

Here are some more photos of other attractions.

(Yatai, foodstands.)

(They were selling dishes with wild boar meat.)

(And some bear meat...)

Restaurant ORAE's Food Tent


There was a show performance of the local superhero characters, Chojin Neiga, which is extremely popular among children in Akita. It was one of the highlight of the day and gathered more than a hundred children and parents.

The main character, Neiga.

Perhaps the parents are more enthusiastic??

We hope everyone enjoyed the event as much as we did! Next year Tazawako Snow Festival is going to be more exciting and bring more and more people!!


lina said...

It's a pity the snow festival is in February. It'd be so much fun to attend the event. :)

Just wondering - would it be too early for some skiing if we visited in early Dec?

Tazawako Tourism Association said...

The skiing season starts in late December, so depending on how much snow we will have December isn't too early! We have the snow festival in February, because it's the time when we have the most snow! Hopefully, you can visit us next year! We are waiting for you!

lina said...

oh, that's a pity.... :(

We are planning to go either in Mid-Sep or early Dec. I guess early Dec will still be too early to see some snow action then.

Tazawako Tourism Association said...

Afraid so.. September sounds better! From the 7th to 9th, there will be a traditional festival nearby and the weather is good (not too cold, not too hot..) Hope you get to come !