Mar 2, 2010

Sake and Akita Cuisine Tasting Party At Kyukamura

Mr. Ninomiya, Manager of Kyukamura Nyuto Onsen-kyo, invited us to the tasting party of Sake and Regional Cuisine.

This event titled “Akita-meishu to Sosaku-ryori” (Akita’s Famed Sake Brands and Creative Dishes) was taken place at Kyukamura Nyuto Onsen-kyo, which is one of the seven hot spring inns in Nyuto Onsen Area. The meal at Kyokamura Nyuto Onsen-kyo has reputation of the originality employing the regional ingredients. They offer breakfast buffet for the overnight guests, providing a variety of selections with creative local cuisines.

Menu List

Very creative head chef of Kyukamura.

For this night, the chef has designed some new items which accompany with the premium quality sake brands from Akita. Needless to say, Akita is known for the high quality rice and beautiful water, which are the very ingredients for sake. The sponsors for the night, Hideyoshi from Suzuki Shuzoten, and Ranman from Akita Meijou are among the best Akita brands.

Representatives from Ranman's Akita Meijou  and Suzuki Shuzo-ten, Left to Right

Hideyoshi’s Brewery House, Suzuki Shuzoten has inherited the brewery technique since 1689, among the oldest in Japan, since the time of Satake Clan reining this region. It was their sake that was dedicated to the lord of Satake, and it has been passed down to the current 19th generation. Akita Meijou’s Ranman is a brand widely known as Sake for the Beauty. Their mild and profound taste is a favorite to many people who seek for beauty.

These traditional tools are still used in the brewery process.

In this rare opportunity, we were able to try various sakes at one time, comparing the texture, sweetness, and color. It is so amazing how each of them differs! Oh, my lack of words! Believe me--- these elixirs will do you good!

Hideyoshi's choices: Shiboritate, Junmai-nama-ginjo, and Jindai (Left to Right)

The girls' favorite: Ranman's Tobikkiri Shizen-na Junmaishu, Organic Sake. Very fruity!

The meal started with a toast with a light sake in a special cup like this.

The bottom of the cup

The broth of Hinai-jidori underneath a pie crust.

Hatahata, Sandfish, and oysters cooked in Miso

''Now try this one.''

Yawaragi-mizu, Water to slow down your intoxication.

Another girls' favorite: Kiritampo foil-steamed with onion and pork.


Hirokko, the tiny scallion-like vegetable in the center is only available in early spring

10 different kinds of Sake, we've tried!

Desert: Sorbet of Sake served with Strawberries.  

Every one of the dishes served at the table was so superb! Even after the alcohol kicked in and seemed to overwhelm the taste buds, we couldn’t stop the chopsticks. Their colorful and skillful presentations were simply enjoyable as well as the flavors. Before we realized, the desert was served and the dinner was over.

Considering the success of this event, we couldn’t imagine not seeing these items on their future menu. Surely, we hope they will--- It’s your turn next!


lina said...

We are in a midst of making plans for our trip in Sep-10 (looks like it's confirmed we'll be flying to Japan on Sep 5, 2010).
I have a few questions to ask someone about making plans in Tazawako - can I contact you or anybody in regards of this?

Tazawako Tourism Association said...

Sure you can contact me at I will be expecting to hear from you! Thanks, Lina.