Feb 17, 2010

2nd Annual Firework Festival at Hotel Tazawa

Hotel Tazawa held the 2nd annual Fuyu-no-Symphony (Winter Symphony) on February 15th, 2010. It was an exciting event with starting acts by The Ando Brothers, an Akita native musical duo along with other local performers. The highlight in the evening was a firework show by local award-winning technicians.

Last year, Hotel Tazawa's first attempt to hold such event turned out to be a great success, drawing much more crowds this year. The firework show was held in the back of the hotel, using a slope of former ski area.
(The lanterns in snow. Beautiful!)

The festival begins!

Fireworks looked even brighter on the contrast of snow.

Designed and performed by the Japan's #1 firework technician.

The food stand offered some unique choices of quick bites. It's always fun to wait in line for this festival food at outdoor food stands, especially when there is something beautiful to watch in the sky!

Enjoy both the food and fireworks!

Kiritanpo, Akita's #1 Specialty of semi-paste rice on stick, lined up with a Tournade Sausage and Charbroiled Prawns!

Hotel Tazawa is the largest in Mizusawa Onsen Area. The hot spring bathing  is open for day travelers as well. They offer various plans for different prices and optional tours in different seasons.

The hotel offers optional tours. For this week was winter festival week,
the tour destinations are Lake Tazawa, Kakunodate, Tamagawa, and Nyuto onsen areas.

Lakeshore Tour with a meal at ORAE, one of the IRIS locations. 2,500 yen per person.


Anonymous said...

Do you have copy writer for so good articles? If so please give me contacts, because this really rocks! :)

Tazawako Tourism Association said...

Wow.. thank you so very much. We dont have any copy writer.. its just me writing. If you want you can trackback and use the photos, but it would be great if you can link and let us know! My e-mail address is sasaki@tazawako.org. Thank you!