Feb 9, 2010

Butt-sliding Contest at Tazawako Snow Festival

In Japan, February is the time to celebrate Ko-shogatsu, Japanese New Year,

Akita has so much to see during this month. Although these traditional events are humble and more like a ritual than a touristic event, the festivals are important cultural asset to remind the way of living in northern Japan. The festivals are held in different days and locations during this month.

At the annual Tazawako Snow Festival at Tazawako Ski Area , you get to see the new year rituals on the same day at one location. Fireworks and stage performances are held, while food tents offer you a variety of hot foods like nabe hot pot and noodle soups.

This year, besides the regular line-up of events, there will be another thing to be added to the event. It is a butt-sliding contest!

You participate as a group of 3 people and slide down the steep kuromori slope in Tazawako Ski Area.You will be required to use a plastic bag to sit on. Your time will be mesurered in two categories, Downhill and Slalom.

The awards are given in cash this year--- 163,700 yen for the team in the first place. The individual winner get a pair of hotel tickets at Tsurunoyu , Tazawa Kogen Hotel , and meals at ORAE . The registration fee is 3,000 yen for a team and  1,500 yen for an individual. (Insurance included). Deadline for the applications is February 15th, 2010.

Tazawako Snow Festival
Date: February 19th- 21st, 2010.
Location: Tazawako Ski Area
Folake, Tazawako Tourist Information Center
TEL 0187-43-2111

To enter or more information, please call or write to us.
Tazawako Tourism Association
Tel #: 81-187-58-0063
(For English Assistance, please ask for Kozue)
For more information in Japanese:


lina said...

Sure sounds like a fun event. :)

Tazawako Tourism Association said...

ahaha thank you~ it will be fun!

Anonymous said...

Are you Japanese ore an ALT?

Tazawako Tourism Association said...

Are you asking us if we are ALTs in Tazawako? If so, the answer is "no" - this website has been maintained by Tazawako Tourism Association. For information on ALTs, please contact Semboku City government, Board of Education. Thank you.