Jan 18, 2011

Tazawako Hotel Ischia's Standard Room

Tazawako Hotel Ischia has been mentioned more than a few times on this blog. Although it has been mentioned as a good event venue, it is surely a good hotel to stay at. :)

Tazawako Hotel Ischia's Standard Room

Ischia’s standard rooms are twin-bed rooms (two single-beds). From most of the rooms, you can see a view of the lake. The price ranges from 11,500 to 12,600 yen.

There are only a few hotels located on Lake Tazawa that offer natural onsen in the facility; however, with the shuttle bus service of Hotel Ischia, you could visit Taenoyu Onsen, one of the most popular Nyuto Onsen inns. It is a great option for those who are concerned with the difficult accessibility or the high demand of reservation in Nyuto Area.

Hotel Ischia is pet-friendly as well. It is one of the few places where you can have free wire-less internet sevice.

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