Jan 28, 2011

Yokote Yakisoba-kan Yu in Yokote City

Yokote City (横手市) is the second largest city in Akita Prefecture after Akita City, which is known for the apples, snow (and kamakura igloos), and last but not the least, Yokote Yakisoba (横手やきそば)!

Yokote Yakisoba has become nationally known by the Yokote B-1 Grand Prix, which is a national food contest of regional specialties that is especially popular for the low price. Yokote Yakisoba, a stir-fried noodle dish from Yokote City, has won the first place in 2010.

Today the Yokote has been counted as one of the three major Yakisoba of Japan along with the Fujinomiya and the Joshu-ota Yakisoba.

Yokote Yakisoba is defined with thick straight noodle that is stir-fried with cabbage, ground pork, and/or pork offal. The sauce is rather sweet and a mixture of Worcestershire sauce and fish broths, whose taste slightly varies from the restaurants. On the top is an egg lightly fried on one side, and on the side is a spoonful fukujinzuke (various types of vegetables pickled in soy sauce), rather than the conventional benishoga (pickled “red ginger”).

Break the egg, add some more sauce if you would like, sprinkle some aonori (dry powder of seaweed) and mix it all -—that is how the authentic local way to enjoy it!

Yokote Yakisoba is, like its counterpart Jindai Curry in Semboku City, an important resource to revitalize the community. It has been promoted by a preservation group called Yokote Yakisoba Noren-kai, which also certifies restaurants where authentic Yokote Yakisoba is served.

Idehaya (出端屋)has been chosen as one of the four major authentic Yokote Yakisoba shops that own a branch shop in Tazawako Ski Area. (read more) You can visit the original location in Yokote City. Here is another restaurant you could visit on your Yokote Trip: Yokote Yakisoba-kan Yu (横手焼そばゆう).

Yokote Yakisoba-kan Yu (横手やきそば館 ゆう)

The restaurant is located within 1 minute from Yokote City Tourist Information Center, Kamakura-kan (かまくら館), and right across the street from Shohei-ji temple’s red gate. (See the map on the link: #5)

Yokote Yakisoba-kan Yu’s Yokote Yakisoba is served for only 500 yen. There are other types of Yakisoba dishes on low prices (500- 700 yen) as well: Seafood Yakisoba, Pork Offal Yakisoba, and Vegetable Yakisoba.

Yokote Yakisoba-kan Yu is open 11:00 – 14:00 and 17:00- 21:00.

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