Jan 31, 2011

Tazawako Beer's Pasta and Pizza Lunch for 500 yen

Tazawako Beer has been one of the best beer breweries of Japan. Tazawako Beer was established in 1994, soon after the alleviation of Liquor Tax Act, which opened up another direction of business interest for Warabi-za Theater Company. They took a great interest in the brewery culture that has a long tradition in many countries and also focused on using ingredients produced only in Akita Prefecture--- becoming the very first beer brewery in Akita Prefecture.

Although Tazawako Beer Restaurant is best known for the award-winning beers, the meals served at this restaurant are also as good!

While you are visiting Tazawako Art Village for their Warabi-za Theater performances, a woodcraft making experience, or a relaxing soak in their onsen (hot spring) Yupopo, make sure you try the great food as well.

Bakkya is a Japanese restaurant where Akita’s local specialties are available: Next to it is Tazawako Beer Restaurant, where more western style dishes like sausages, stew, pasta and pizzas can be enjoyed.

This year Tazawako Beer Restaurant has been welcoming the guests with a special lunch deal: 500 yen pasta or pizza meal!

Tazawako Beer Retaurant's 500-yen Lunch

You can choose either pasta or pizza of the day. The item changes every day. In the photos are pizza with bacon and potato and spaghetti with nanohana (turnip mustard) and anchovies.

The campaign will last until the end of March. They are closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. (Also closed on Thursday, February 24th )

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