Dec 6, 2010

Yumeguri-cho Bus Schedule 2010

If you are staying at one of the seven hot spring inns in Nyuto Area, Yumeguri-go bus is a very convenient bus service that you couldn't miss. The bus ticket book (Yumeguri-cho; 湯めぐり帳) is only 1,500 yen and it also includes the daytrip onsen (higaeri nyuyoku) fees to all of Nyuto Onsen area inns. Read more in English

The ticket is valid 1 year after purchase. You can always come back to Nyuto and use the service anytime you want. Remember there are 7 different kinds of hotsprings in Nyuto, it is not easy to experience all of the locations! Explore all of them and make sure to have it stamped!

The seats are limited -- the "bus" is actually a van ;) -- so that you are required to make a reservation 1 hour prior to your desired time. But do not sweat: you only have to tell the front desk at the inns.

Yumeguri-go Bus Schedule:

Yumeguri-go bus service is operated by Nyuto Onsen-kyo Union.

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