Dec 3, 2010

Christmas Decorations in Progress at Tazawako Station

Our staffs of Tazawako Tourism Association along with JR Tazawako Station have been working together to decorate the station for Christmas! Last year, after days of fundraising, we have managed to illuminate the station plaza. It was way far from a piece of cake, since we have no budget whatsoever!

Well, our budget is as low as it was last year-- but at least we have more time!!

We are humbly trying to make the station more welcoming. We are open for low-budget but innovative ideas! Got any? Share it with us...


Victorian inn bed and breakfast said...

It is the best train station located in Senboku, Akita Prefecture, Japan. The station building, with its glass facade, received the Good Design Prize. Tazawako Station was selected to be one of the Hundred Stations of Tohoku.

Tazawako Tourism Association said...

Thank you for your comment! Yes you are right! It is designed by Shigeru Ban, an internationally awarded architect. We are trying to utilize the facility to the full. If you come to Tazawako Area, please drop by at our center and say hi. ;)