Nov 16, 2009

Go Yumeguri-Go!

As of September 2009, a bus service circulating in the Nyuto Onsen Kyo has been lauched and operated regularly, providing a convenient transportation to the overnight guests within the Village. By purchasing a ticket book called ''Yumeguri-cho'' for 1,500 yen, you can take a shuttle bus that takes you to the 7 different hot spring locations in Nyuto with no additional costs!

So.. that means, say, if you are staying overnight at an inn in Nyuto, you can have two whole day to enjoy yourself here. So why don't you enjoy skiing or hiking in the mountains for a day and the next day you can simply hop onto the bus to go two or three (or even more) hot springs in this village? Or, you can have two whole days to enjoy all the seven hot springs in Nyuto. Considering that it costs 500 yen or more for an entrance to a hot spring, it saves you lots of money! And it is valid for one year so you can come back again to use it up :)

Above: The Shuttle Bus at the Tsurunoyu Stop

The book is valid for one year after purchase. Only overnight guests in Nyuto could purchase. This allows you seven entries to different Onsen locations. If you want to bathe at the same location more than once, please pay the entrance fee. (CASH Only) It is valid only for the higaeri nyuyoku, day-trip bathing. (Not incl. the accommodation)

1. Purchase the Yumeguri-go ticket for 1,500 yen at your lodging inn in Nyuto Onsen Kyo.
2. Reserve your seat an hour before the departure time. Please tell the front desk of any Onsen location or the driver the names of onsen locations and the number of people.
3. Seats are not assigned so you can sit anywhere on the bus.
4. Show the book to the driver when you exit.
5. Show your book to the front desk at the Onsen and have it stamped. Enjoy!
6. Wait for the bus at the designated bus stop. Please make sure to be on time since the bus runs on schedule and do not wait for late passengers. Please note that the bus could be delayed due to the weather and road condition.

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