Nov 18, 2009

We heart Nyuto!

Yesterday we made a little trip to Nyuto Onsen Village. It was one of the first day in this season to have snow there. The temperature has dropped below zero and it's pretty foggy there too.

A mountain in Nyuto area

We found some writings on the benches at Tsurunoyu~
The visiters left some traces of delight :)

Thanks for loving Nyuto (乳頭)!
And we love you, too!

Says, ''Tsurunoyu Tsurunomai''
(''Hot Spring of Cranes, Dances of Cranes'')

Of course, we didn't write them ourselves!
Today we have welcomed the first snowy morning here in Tazawako.

The ground is covered with a layer of snow in a couple of inches deep. Finally, everything is covered in white :)


lina said...

Enjoying a dip while looking at a snow covered mountain would sure be nice...

Tazawako Tourism Association said...

:) Yes! Have you done it before? I remember my first-time as a child--- dumping in chunks of snow to moderate the temperature and snowballing at one another behind the adults. .. now i know we werent supposed to) but im looking forward to it this winter.