Nov 19, 2009

Tazawako Photo Exhibition in Taiwan~

Lake Tazawa (Tazawako) is a sister lake to a Taiwanese lake called Chengcing Lake located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Tazawako has been one of the first lakes in Japan to make an international agreement of sister lakes. During the past summer 2009, we were planning to open a photo exhibition in Kaohsiung, Taiwan; however, due to the most disastrous typhoons in the past 50 years which caused landslides and killed hundreds of people, the exhibition had been postponed to this fall.

Akita and Kaohsiung has established a strong bond in recent years. One of the many examples is through the hosting of International World Games. Akita has hosted it in 2001, and Kaohsiung has hosted earlier this year, 2009. After the disaster which brought a significant suffering in Kaohsiung in this important time, we started fundraising in Tazawako, Akita. Many people have pitched in to support the Taiwanese, and we are planning to deliver the collected money to the victims in this coming winter.

So, finally, the photo exhibition is opening in the beginning of December!

The show exhibits a series of photographs by our local photographer, Kazuo Nanba, along with some campaign posters of Semboku City. It is going to be held at Chengcing Lake on the site of 7th branch of Taiwanese Water Coorporation, Kaohsiung City. This is an event to celebrate the amicable relations of both countries. So please check out if you are nearby.

The photos are usually on view at Tazawako Information Center (JR Tazawako Sta). Also in return, we are planning to open a photo exhibition of the lake Chengcing in Akita. The dates are not decided yet.

Title: Tazawako, Semboku City, Photo and Poster Exhibition

Place: Taiwanese Water Coorporation, 7th Branch
          Address: No.32, Dapi Rd., Niaosong Township, Kaohsiung County 833
          TEL: (+886)7-7311111

Date: December 2nd, 2009 – March 31st, 2010.


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