Nov 19, 2009

Japan-Vietnam Performing Arts Festival at WARABI-ZA

Warabi-za, the theater company located in Semboku City,  is proudly hosting an international performing arts event as a part of the Japan-Mekong Exchange Year 2009.

Title: An Evining for Japanese and Vietnamese Traditional Performing Arts
Place: Warabi-za  Theater (Inside of Tazawako Art Village)
Date and Time: December 13th, 2009. Opening from 15:30~

This is an FREE EVENT.
Reservation is required.

Warabi-za evolves a style that is one of a kind, now hardly found in Modern Japanese theater companies. They represent their strong belief in preserving Asian traditional arts, particularly the traditional and indigenous arts in Japan.

Warabi-za Theater

Touring Internationally as well

Although they take their theme from traditional topics,  they also challenge controversial topics in aproachable style : A musical romantic comedies about local Jinday Curry ("Cupid wa doko" opening in Jan.) and more serious musical drama dealing with issues of gender in traditional values ("Maiko-no-kura" now playing).

They are truly a gem of our rural culture that is now under-represented in media. They proudly take a mission to carry on to the next generation. 

 (Warabi-za English Website:

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