Nov 26, 2009

Beer, Jazz, and ORAE

A Jazz concert over a dinner of Japanese-Western Fusion plate. Plus a glass of delicious beer!
Does that sound good to you??  Try  ORAE !

(A view of ORAE from the beach on the lake Tazawa)

Their restaurant name, Orae (pronounced ''oh-rah-ay") means ''our house'' in Akita dialect. It is a Brewery/restaurant on lakeshore Tazawako which has been a very popular restaurant for both tourists and locals, where you can enjoy fresh and seasonal harvests from the surrounding area. Just take a look at their list of unique plates!

(An example of ORAE's seasonal menu: Auntumn 2009 Version)

~~ Let me give you a translation of some of our favorites here: 
  •      "A Pizza in a Rich Flavourful Symphony by the Noble Family of Mushrooms" (6 different kinds of mushrooms such as Shimeji, Maitake, Shitake, White Mushrooms, etc)
  •      "The Favorite Apple Salad of Little Red Riding Hood" (Salad topped with Japanese sweet and sour apple and seasoned with yogurt-based dressing)
  •      ORAE's Original "Croquettes of Sato'imo (Japanese Taro) and Chestnut"          
  •     "Tender Pork Cassarole in Honey and Soy Sauce" Combination (Chosee from Jap/Western)
  •     "Hachimantai Pork Cutlet and Curry Over White Rice"    
  •     "Autumn Specialty: Pasta with San'ma (Japanese Pacific Saury)"
  •     "Honey Rusk" (Crispy slices of baguette roasted and drizzeled with rich honey"
  •     "Honey Icecream" (No-sugar added)
Something I can't fail to mention here is  BEER! Kohan-no-mori Beer is ORAE's original brand, which has won numerous national awards. It has been created to suit the taste of Japanese people but attracting not only the nationals but also beer-thirsty travelers from all around the world!

ORAE is available also as a venue for a musical concerts and parties. On this night of late September, there was a Jazz event organized by our local Jazz club, Tazawako Jazz Club . The ticket was 3,500yen including a drink. You can choose one from a list of beers or other non-alcoholic drinks.

(The performing band of the night: Oishi Manabu Piano Trio)

(I had Komachi Lagar, made of Akita Komachi. Yes, it's made of rice!)

...So I ordered ORAE's #1 plate--- Spaghetti with Gyoja-niniku Sausage!
Gyoja -ninniku is a garlic, according to their website,  said to have been eaten by Gyoja, Buddhist monks, who were under their strict vegetarian diet to get nourished and revitalized to bear with the training. To uncover and share the secret(?) of monks, ORAE has come up with this sausage to especially accompany with their specialty beer.

Ah~ so perfect! Events like this is a great occasion in which you can try their food and great music all together! So.. here is the annoucement:

Next Jazz Event at ORAE
When: Friday, November 27th.
Price: 3,000yen (in advance); 3,500yen (on the day)
For more information call:
 ORAE  0187-58-0608
 Folake (Tazawako Tourist Information Center) 0187-43-2111

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