Dec 9, 2010

New Item at Soba Goro: Chicken Ramen Noodle

Soba Goro (そば五郎) is a soba specialized restaurant inside Tazawako Ichi (田沢湖いち), a co-op style souvenir shop in front of JR Tazawako Station. Although Soba Goro serves one of the best quality soba in this area, they challenge to come up with non-soba noodles as well.

Soba Goro announces its ramen dishes once in a while. Over the summer we have introduced you Ramen Goro (ラーメン五郎).  In the past, Ramen Goro has been enjoyed and cultivating a group of loyal fans. The thick noodle (we’d say “extra thick”) is so chewy that some people joke it is good for the jaw exercise!

Soba Goro's new Ramen invention is
TORI-CHUKA (鳥中華), or Chicken-Chinese!

Tori-chuka at Soba Goro

Thinner noodles compare to Ramen Goro

While Ramen Goro’s soup was pork based and seasoned with soy-sauce, Tori-Chuka features rich fish-based soup with soy-sauce and whose noodles are thinner than Ramen Goro. Toppings are chicken, a roasted seaweed sheet, seri (Japanese parsley), boiled egg, and green onion.

Unfortunately, Tori-chuka will be available until today. It is most likely to come back on the menu again after good reviews.

Soba Goro’s ramen items are announced irregularly. You can most likely catch it by the owner’s twitter notifications. (Follow @ daiquatre )

If not, try your luck and drop in!

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