Dec 9, 2010

Travel Empty-Handed on Your Skiing Trip

What's your concern on a skiing trip?
  • Want go skiing but have no skis, no boards, no boots, no suits -- whatsoever?
  • Hate to travel dragging your luggages, let alone the massive ski equipments?
  • Hate to waste your time on buying the individual tickets for lifts, lunches, and rentals?
  • Want to have a satisfying lunch at restaurants with great view?

 Tazawako Ski Area  can solve them all!

Otona-no-Tebura-Pack (大人の手ぶらパック)

This is a great deal! You not only save time but also money for souvenirs! You can just drop in at the ticket counter or submit a filled-out pre-order form below. You can send it to them via FAX or E-mail. See the contact numbers below.


lina said...

This is a great deal!

Tazawako Tourism Association said...

Thank you! Yes :) Not only the travelers but also many locals use this service.

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