Dec 10, 2010

Storytelling at a Samurai Residence in Kakunodate

Kakunodate Town is best described as Little Kyoto of Tohoku. It is true because you could stroll around and find little historical evidences of samurai period and ponder how the life of villagers had been in this ageless town.

Storytelling can give you a great inspiration. On December 1st, Kakunodate Town History Guides Union (かくのだて歴史案内人組合)has opened winter storytelling (fuyu-gatari) sessions. Many Japanese tourists from Kanto and Kansai regions have joined this event, in which a guide tells folk stories of loca area.

Kakunodate Fuyu-gatari ("Winter Storytelling")

The Iwahashi Residence (岩橋家)
(The Twilight Samurai (2002). was filmed here.) 

WHEN: Twice a day
Morning sessions at 11:30 a.m.
Afternoon Sessions at 13:30 p.m.

Entrance fee to the residence is 500 yen (adult).
FREE for the storytelling sessions.

Sakigake Shinpo, a local newspaper, reported the opening day of Kakunodate Fuyu-gatari (角館冬がたり)event. Mr. Jun Sato (age 71) commented, “people in Akita cannot complete a meal without pickled vegetables. Iburi-gakko is so great for the (crispy) sound.” Mr. Yoshio Higuchi (age 70) had dramatically described a scene in which an entire family shovels snow in a morning after heavy storm.

The stories are told in three parts: Life in Snow Land, the Scenery of Kakunodate Town, and Cherry Blossoms. You will be offered iburi-gakko (smoked and pickled radish) and/or roasted chestnuts.

The storytelling is available only in Japanese. For further information please inquire at Kakunodate Tourist Association (Tel: 0187-54-2700).

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Kakunodate is a town located in Senboku District, Akita, Japan.
On September 20, 2005 the town merged with the town of Tazawako and the village of Nishiki to form the new city of Semboku.