Dec 13, 2010

Honey Cream Puff at Bee Skep (and how to Impress your friends)

Bee Skep Yama-no-Hachimitsuya (山のはちみつ屋) is a honey specialized shop located 3 minutes away from Shirahama area. It has been known for its variety of honey-themed products and the pastry shop.

Many of their in-store products are on sale on their website. However, there are a few things that they have it available ONLY AT THE STORE!

Bee Skep’s honey Cream Puff is perhaps their signature sweets. It is only 175 yen and look at this volume! Inside it is filled with rich honey-sweetened cream that is surely satisfying.

Available only at the store!

By the way, Japanese people typically call such dish “shoo-cree-mu”!

Yes, just like “shoe cream”. Haha!

But of course, it doesn’t come from the same word. It is a Japanese lexicon of foreign words that derives from “chou” (French) and “cream” (English). Just a trivial fact that you could impress your friends with when visiting the store ;)

Don't forget about a cup of coffee. It is only 100 yen and refillable! --Fresh coffee, tea, and green tea latte is ready right in a minute.

Another impressing trick? --Print out a page from here and fill it out. You will have a free cup of hot honey lemonade! (FREE COUPON is valid till Dec 30, 2010.)

Yum yum....

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