Dec 8, 2010

Aigake Jindai Tanpo, For You On-the-Go

Aigake Jindai Curry group has come up with another brand new idea for you to enjoy the delicious meal.

This time the two-curry combo is served with a rice-paste on stick-- just like our local specialty, miso-tanpo, but served with the delicious curries.

Courtesy of Sakigake On-the-Web

According to Akita’s local newspaper, Akita Sakigake Shinpo, the tanpo version of Aigake Jindai Curry had just made its first appearance on December 6 at a celebratory party of Jindai Curry’s promoters group, Jindai Area Revitalization Group (神代地域活性化協議会). The group has been incorporated as an association corporation.

tanpo is a semi-pasted rice ball on cedar stick roasted on coal fire that is typically served with sweet miso paste.

Aigake Jindai Tanpo is, on the other hand, served on a plate with two styles of curries over it: an old home style from 1950s and modern demi-glace based curry. This new item has been created to make it easier to eat-and-walk at events where it will be available.

Jindai Curry on regular plates are available all year around at local restaurants. We are looking forward to trying the tanpo version at local events as well ;)

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