Apr 23, 2010

Soba Goro at Tazawako Ichi

Soba Goro, is a buckwheat noodle shop managed by the same group as Tsurunoyu Onsen and Komagatake Onsen. The original Soba Goro shop is located inside of Komagatake Onsen. You can enjoy the same Soba noodle at this Tazawako Ichi location right in front of JR Tazawako Station.

Welcome to Soba Goro! Come on in!

The friendly staffs welcome you!

The interior of Soba Goro are quite appealing. The wooden furniture and wall seems to have aged well. The materials are actually taken from the old country house used by an actual household, the Urayama Family. That is why it has a nostalgic feeling like Tsurunoyu and Komagatake Onsen.

Cold and hot soba noodles! 200 yen for extra noodles and 400 yen for steamed noodle.

Besides some noodles, they serve Soba-cha Pudding (200 yen), Hideyoshi (sake: 400yen) and some Tempura (500 yen) as well.

Soba Goro’s menu appears quite simple: You can enjoy either hot or cold soba with a choice of several toppings. The simplicity is nothing but a proof of their confidence in the quality of soba. Their noodle is all made of 100% buckwheat flour and additive-free! Have you examined the list of ingredients on the packaged soba noodles? Usually, soba noodles are  made of buckwheat combined with little wheat flour. Or, the worse could be vice versa--- made of wheat with a small amount of buckwheat and still called soba.

Help yourself with Soba-cha (soba tea)!

Needless to say, Soba Goro's soba is prepared freshly in the kitchen--- You will notice the fresh scent of soba once you step in the shop. While you wait for your order, you can enjoy their flavorful soba tea! Don’t say you know the taste if you never tried real soba tea! You can indulge yourself with their flavorful soba tea which would boost your appetite! They say, if the soba chef is confident and proud of the quality, sobacha (soba tea) and sobayu (simply the hot water in which the noodle was boiled) should be served without even asking for them. Soba Goro is one of those soba shops!

From the top: Gatturi Goro, their 1.5 times extra thick noodle (750 yen)
Goro Set, a popular set menu with side dishes (1,000 yen)
Ramen Goro (700 yen)

Every one of their items is delightful! You are mostly likely wanting to return here on your next visit to Tazawako! If you are a novice with soba, you should order a Goro Set, which is a combination plate with soba and other items like tempura. There are a limited number of orders per day and it usually sells out quickly. If you are lucky to see it available, try it--- You won’t regret!

On certain days, you might be able to find Ramen Goro on the menu! Wondering why Ramen at a very good soba shop? Well, why not? Because it is a by-product of the chefs at Soba Goro who are endlessly exploring the possibility of quality noodle!

This time Ramen Goro is available until April 24th.

Ramen Goro (700 yen) is very satisfying! Will you be able to finish it?

This extra thick noodle resembling Udon is not soba --- it is Ramen, indeed --- made of wheat flour. It is very chewy and fills you up very much. The hearty soup is soy-sauce based. Many people say garlic is the kick! You have to try it!

Or, if you want to try something lighter, try this one! Kakiage Seiro (900 yen). This is very simple but satisfying plate with some steamed soba noodle and a piece of kakiage tempura (mixed and shredded ingredients deep-fried with tempura batter). You dip the hot noodle and tempura in the dipping soy sauce. It is quite simple but you will enjoy the full flavor of buckwheat. Highly recommended!

Kakiage Seiro (900 yen)

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