Apr 22, 2010

The 22nd of Each Month at Tazawako Ichi

On the 22nd of each month, a special sales event is held at Tazawako Ichi, a souvenir shop cooperatedly managed by popular local businesses. They are located right in front of JR Tazawako Station. It is a souvenir shop hard to miss and hard not to spend a long time!

Tazawako Ichi

Inside you can find liquors, honeys, local fresh vegetables, pastries, rice cakes, grains, crafts, key chains and so many other things. There is a small soba restaurant as well.

Today is April 22nd and it is the special day at Tazawako Ichi. A lot of products sold here are 20 % off. First thing you notice when you step inside is the smell of freshly baked Taiyaki, a Japanese fish-shaped cake filled with anko (sweet bean paste) and other things like egg custards. On this special day, there is a demonstration sale of Taiyaki made of rice flour (traditionally it’s made of wheat flour).

Taiyaki Demonstration!

Filled with anko (sweet bean paste) and egg custard.

In the center of the store is stand of different foods, such as fresh vegetables and other things like these!

Vegetables and rice cakes!

Some wild vegetables prepared by the local farmers are found.

Packages of Jindai Curry and Tazawako B-men.

Zengoro-dofu. Tazawako's #1 tofu brand!

Hanjuro's Rice cakes in various flavors!

Some unfamiliar kinds of edible wild plants were found this day.
There is usually a note with how you could cook them.

In the liquor corner, managed by Darumaya Shoten, you can have sake tasting! A small cup is only 100 yen, which is a reasonable price, considering this many selection of premium quality sake here! Say, you want to taste 10 different locals sake here: the total price is still only 1,000 yen! For this price, you may afford to buy a bottle of sake, but you wouldn’t be able to compare the tastes with other kinds. Here, you could do that for that price. Akita is known as the kingdom of Sake! You better take this opportunity to experience the variety of Sake tastes, while you are here! (Make sure you keep an eye on your time; otherwise, you would miss the train…)

Located on your left side near the main entrance.

Find your own favorite sake here!

And buy a bottle for a souvenir.

In the back of store is Soba Goro, a buckwheat noodle shop. Although Akita is known for the premium quality of sake, Semboku City has a few but good soba shops around. Soba Goro is, needless to say, one of the best here. It is not a very big restaurant with a space enough for up to 20 people, but there is a nostalgic and comforting feeling of old country house. The walls and furniture are actually remodeled from old country house used by an actual family. Their buckwheat noodle is 100% made of buckwheat flour. They serve hot and cold noodles. There is so much to talk about this place. More details will be explained in the next post.

Soba Goro

There is a small corner of Bee Skep, the most popular honey shop in Akita! They sell all kinds of honeys and products here. You can also have honey tasting!

Bee Skep

Rosemary, Lemon, Cofee, Orange, Blueberry, Sesame--- all kinds of honeys are available!

The transportation is not the most convenient in Akita, we admit; however, you will be able to kill some time while you enjoy some shopping and tasting of sake and sweets near the station. Just go explore the area--- you might be able to even find some hidden spot near the station. Have fun!

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