Nov 11, 2010

Semboku City at Taipei ITF, the #1 Travel Fair in Asia!

Taipei International Travel Fair (TITF) was held from November 5th-9th, 2010, at World Trade Center in Taipei, Taiwan. Tazawako Tourism Association participated in this largest travel expo in Asia as exhibitioners in the booth of The Interchange Association, Japan (財団法人 交流協会).

Taiwan International Travel Fair 2010 at World Trade Center

Our booth!

Our booth was in the best position-- located right in front of the main entrance! Our exhibition was made possible with a honorable coorporation by The Interchange Association, Japan, which serves as a representative office of Japan in Taiwan.

Approximately 210,000 people attended to this fair for this event!

Our booth was specially designated for exhibiting materials relating to sightseeing places and products in Semboku City, Akita. The panels of Nyuto Onsen Area, which we proudly represent, were featured as well as some posters of Lake Tazawa and Kakunodate's fall and spring festivals. Kakunodate's Kabazaiku woodcraft and Nishiki's miniature paper-balloons were displayed as well. Also, we welcomed our guests with honey candies from Bee Skep, Yama-no-hachimitsuya.

Some materials we handed out at the booth.

The miniature paper-balloon from Nishiki Area.

Sake, rice wine, from all over Japan. Some Akita brands were displayed and offered for tasting.

Kabazaiku woodcrafts from Kakunodate Area.

We were delighted to welcome many people who took interests in Semboku City and Akita Prefecture. We wish to welcome you here very soon!


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