Sep 7, 2010

Kakundoate Yama Festival

Kakunodate Yama Festival is happening from 3 days starting from today, September 7th to 9th. It is a traditional festival held annually during on these dates, gathering tens of thousands of people in Kakunodate town. It has been registered as Nationally Important Intangible Cultural Properties.

Photos Couretesy of Semboku City

This festival has been an important custom for the local people with wishes for the advent of deities to the community to bring peace to the daily life.

While many Japanese festivals are becoming more “touristic”, the heart of Japanese traditional festivals still remains here. Kakunodate people are known for their passion for this event—preparation for the coming year starts as soon as the festival ends!

The crashes of floats are so dynamic and must-see, but just strolling around town-- grabbing some street foods, seeing the kabuk-themed samurai figures, and walking through the crowd of people in festival costume—would simply become an unforgettable moment.

The map and event schedule. Vehicles access is limited during the festival. Check the details above.

Kakunodate Tourist Information Center (Tel. 0187-52-1170)
Semboku City Police Dept. (Tel.  0187-54-4310)

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