Nov 15, 2010

“Propose,” An Adapted Chekov Play in Akita Dialect.

Warabi-za Theater Company has just announced a new play, Propose.

This play was originally performed in a smaller scale in 2004. It was a smash hit play, which has recently made a come-back with a larger production. It is also to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the original Russian playwright, Anton Chekov.

“Propose” is adapted from Chekov’s one-act farce, A Marriga Proposal with a twist of Akita’s local culture. Although the dialogue is heavily infused with Akita’s vernacular language, the content transcends the ethnic barriers and communicates with multicultural audiences. As a matter of fact, it has been entertaining groups of foreign students and travelers.

Call Warabi-za (+81-187-44-3915) or e-mail at

 Pre-sale 3,615 yen/ On the day 4,200 yen. (Adult)
For a better deal? 
A package including a ticket, lunch, and bathing at Onsen inside the same facility (Tazawako Art Village)
is available for only 5,200 yen per adult. Inquire Warabi-za.

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