Nov 1, 2010

Snow Approaching in Tazawako Ski Area

Colorful autumn leaves will soon be gone. Here is some update of  Tazawako Ski Area!

Back of Ski House Ginrei

Here is how some courses looks of Ski House Ginrei, where you can see an entire view of Lake Tazawa!  Inside, you can have light meals and snacks while you sip a cup of hot coffee. 

A view from a seat in  Ski House Ginrei. From above, Summer, Fall, and Winter.

The hiking area is officially closed for hikers by the end of October.

The main pipeline for the hikers from 8th station, Komagatake-sen bus line, officially stopped operation farther than Arupa Komakusa stop. Arupa Komakusa is still open, though-- welcoming guests on day trips for ski and onsen to Nyuto Area.

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