Oct 1, 2010

Harvest Festival 2010 at Arupa

Arupa Komakusa (アルパこまくさ), an onsen facility that is perefect for Komagatake hikers on a day-trip. The facility features a rotenburo (露天風呂), an outdoor bath with a beautiful view of Lake Tazawa. A restaurant has a great selection of rice and noodle combinations including local specialties like Inaniwa Udon(稲庭うどん), Tazawako B-men (田沢湖B麺), and Menkoi-Komachi (麺恋こまち).

 Oct. 16- 17th, 2010.

Akita's fresh harvests will be available!
Wild mushrooms from Tazawako Area
Raw honey from Kakunodate Area
Saimyoji-guri Chestnut from Nishiki Area
Various fruits of Akita Prefecture

Also Available:
  Hiking and backpacking gears, equippments, and clothing! 
At an information tent by ICI Ishii Sports Inc.

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