Oct 5, 2010

Pre-sale Discounts of Tazawako Ski Area

The autumn leaves will be seen for the next few weeks—that means, the snow season is on its way!

A Tazawako landmark, Tazawako Ski Area is one of the most popular skiing areas in Japan for the variety of courses suitable for all-levels. National competitions of the professional skiers are held as well as many beginer’s lessons for children taught by nationally-awarded and certified instructors.

13 courses for all levels! (Photos Courtesy of Tazawako Ski Area)

The snow condition is one of the best in Japan as well. The layer of fresh powdered snow is the vast area (13 courses in total) is what the snowboard and ski fans often rave about Tazawako Ski Area. From all the courses, you can enjoy a picturesque view of Lake Tazawa. Perhaps you could recognize it from a scene from Korean Drama IRIS.

PR Photos of IRIS (Hotel Ischia in the center and Tazawako Ski Area on the bottom.)

Last but not the least is the foodTazawako Ski Area is rated as Japan’s #1 in the category of high-quality servings under the price of 1,000 yen. Among the 3 restaurants on the site, Shirakaba in RELA building is the largest and suitable for big groups. Various dishes like noodles (ramen, udon, soba, and yakisoba), rice combinations with donburi (savory dish over white rice), raw veggies, and curry are served. This is a great place where you can try local specialties like Jindai Curry and Tazawako Beer, along with Yokote City's Yokote Yakisoba!

For their delicious food and friendly atmosphere, it is a popular stop-over for some locals for a quick meal! Each year the chefs come up with original items-- soon it will be announced after a thorough (and tasty) evaluation!

There are so many reasons why you should get a seasonal ticket or a ticket book! You will definitely feel like coming back after the first trip. So here is a great deal!

Pre-sale DISCOUNT Tickets!

① A Set of 10 Tickets
(6-hours Unlimited Ride and 1,000 yen Worth Lunches)
40,000 yen (Regular Price) ---> 34,000 yen With DISCOUNT
② A Set of 10 All-Day Tickets
38,000 yen (Regular Price) ---> 28,000 yen With DISCOUNT


Print out the page above; fill out the form; and FAX it to the number (+81-187-46-2776)
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