Mar 9, 2012

MOFA Releases Videos to Reintroduce Japan's Cultural Diversity

This Sunday, March 11, will mark the one year anniversary of the East Japan Great Earthquake that devastated our Tohoku region. It is hard to believe how fast the time has gone and fast the recovery has been.

Now the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) has released a series of English videos that show to the world Japan’s steady steps for the full recovery.

There are two sets of videos: “Japan: Fascinating Diversity” is introduce the Japanese food culture, pop culture, traditional art and crafts, tourism, and leading technology; “Messages From Friends” is to send messages to the world with interviews of foreign well-known people who have lived in Japan after the earthquakes.

These video will be shown at a reception on March 12, which will be held by the Foreign Minister and for some guests from the disaster-hit areas and foreign diplomats. Besides that they will be shown at such events in the future, the videos will be televised in foreign countries as well.

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