Mar 8, 2012

Kabazaiku Woodcrafts of Semboku City Highly Reviewed at Maison et Object in Paris, France!

As the icicles are melting fast and dripping like leaking faucets (just imagine!), we definitely feel the spring in the air! We usually don’t see the cherry blossoms in Akita until late April to early May, but we are now receiving good news about our specialty made of cherry barks!

The local news paper, Sakigake Shinpo, just reported that the Kabazaiku (樺細工), a traditional woodcraft from our Semboku City, has been calling much attention in the international market.

Fujiki-Denshiro Shoten (藤木伝四郎商店) in Kakunodate Town is one of the leading studio in Kabazaiku making in Kakunodate town. Back in late January, the company participated in a trade fair held in Paris, France, called “Maison et Objet.” Their works received impressive reviews from international buyers including the Korean Shinsegae department store and a Swiss tea leaf company.

Mr. Fujiki, President of Fujiki Denshiro Shoten, explaining a product to a buyer
at Maison et Object, in Paris, France.

Maison et Objet is known as the France’s largest collection of interior goods. The most typical kabazaiku work is a tea canister made of cherry barks and embedded with graduation patterns of maple and walnut barks. Their most recent products that utilized the woody warmth and natural simplicity have been promoted in the exhibition and caught the buyers’ attention.

The Korean giant Shinsagae Department Store has signed a deal to import some trays and candy boxes. The Swiss tea company has signed for the tea canisters. British fashion brand, Paul Smith, is showing strong interests as well.

Semboku City’s proud traditional works are now becoming internationally obtainable! We are truly excited about this opportunity to introduce our rich culture in your countries.

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