Mar 9, 2012

Already Seen These Beautiful TOHOKU Commercials? Catch them on CNN and NHK World!

Have you already caught these beautiful commercials on CNN and NHK world?

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In one of the videos, titled “Colourful Emotions : TOHOKU,” a foreign family visits sites in the Tohoku region and enjoy hot springs, skiing, making traditional crafts, etc. This video makes you literally “emotional,” for it gives you the same real feeling as you get in every pockets of Tohoku region!

Other MOFA commercials are titled, “Japan: Power of Harmony,” “We believe in Fukushima,” and “Message from Japan: Arigatou.” These have been currently aired on CNN and NHK World. They will be shown on NHK BS-1 after April.

Tsurunoyu's Yama no Imo Nabe at traditional irori fireplace.

Tsurunoyu's famous milky-colored bath
Tohoku has a lot to offer! Just watch the video because it captures the essence of your trip to our region. Tsurunoyu Onsen in Tazawako area is featured as the picturesque hot spring inn where the family enjoy Yama no Imo Nabe (hot pot) and milky-colored outdoor hot spring. This is only one of the many attractions we have in the Tohoku region.

 Our Tohoku region was the most hit by the series of disasters. The number of foreign tourists has significantly declined, understandably. However, the rich and profound culture that our ancestors have cultivated over thousands of years has to be continuously shared with the rest of the world.

This Sunday, March 11, you perhaps have a plan to remember the devastating East Japan Great Earthquake that happened one year ago. The disaster has left Tohoku and the rest of Japan severely damaged; yet, considering the fast recovery and strength we showed in the perseverance through the difficult time has proven to the world, we are sure more tha never -- Our greatest asset is the people.

What’s your plan this weekend?

Many people say the 2011 earthquakes have reminded them of the importance of family and friends. Perhaps with these video you can remember that again, and consider a trip to Tohoku with your beloved people!

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