Jan 10, 2012

Come Enjoy Akita's Best Sake and Local Cuisine - A Dinner Party at Kyukamura Nyuto Onsenkyo!

January to February is the best time for sake! Soon we will have fresh sake from the local breweries!

Here is an event we've been waiting for: The Sake and food party at Kyukamura Nyuto Onsenkyo! This is an annual event which will be held only twice a year only during these months!

At this event, you can enjoy more than 10 different types of sake served with the Akita’s local cuisine,  designed specifically to match with the distinctive tastes of Akita Sake!

The selected sake bottles are by 2 local brewers, Hideyoshi and Ranman, and will be presented by the brewers themselves! They will be explaining each bottle and you will be amazed how variant each type is.

You may be a novice who thinks sake tastes all the same – You are wrong! At this event, you will confidently know the difference in the tastes - or you might get too tipsy to remember it because they all taste so good!

-- See the difference in colors? You will lose the count by the end.

The very first part of the meal..
from last year's event.

Kyukamura Hotels are known for serving the local cuisine: At this event the chef will be satisfying you with dishes using local fresh ingredients that are available only in this season. This year, Mr. Abe, an Akita Native and a chef appretinced all over Japan, will be proudly taking up the challenge!

This event has inspired many people to get into sake! This is your chance to gain a compass of knowledge, which will take you so far! Come and discover the new world of sake culture!

The events will be held on January 29th and February 24th. There are only 25 seats available, so please make a reservation soon. The price per person is 5,000Yen for the party or 12,000Yen if you are staying the night (includes room, breakfast, hot spring). A shuttle bus will be available at 17:30 at Tazawako Station and will take you back there at 20:30. 

More Information and Reservation: Kyukamura Nyuto Onsenkyo TEL 0187-46-2244

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