Jan 6, 2012

Nyuto Shinbun Gives You Fun Facts About Tazawako Area!

Despite that the facility is the largest in the Nyuto Hot Spring areaKyukamura Nyuto Onsenkyo retains at-home, get-away feeling! In your room, you will find a copy of Nyuto Shinbun (乳頭新聞), which gives you useful facility information and tips to enhance your local experience!

In your room, you will find cold fresh spring water from the beech forest and a small sweets.

Nyuto Shinbun

Facility business hours

Interesting local information written on the paper.
For example, each issue includes a staff’s recommendations of a restaurant and a souvenir. This issue introduced a café in front of Tazawako Station called People. It also shared a funny story about why the popular rice cracker, “Oranda Senbei,” is named as such with a meaning of “Dutch Cracker.”It is because the Yamagata prefecture, where it is manufactured, is said to have the similar scenery to the European country; also, the sound “Oranda” has the same sound as a local dialect with a meaning of “our own.” The rice cracker is sold only in Tohoku region! You can find it at the souvenir shop at here as well.

Nyuto Shinbun also tells you a folktale about Tazawako Area. This time it was a story about a man who disappeared in the mountains near Tsurunoyu Onsen and believed to have died but reappeared and told the family that he was now living with a bandit woman and her father so he wouldn’t want to return.

Some extra-knowledge like this can make your trip more memorable! Stories like this would take your mind away and wander in the beech forest! You can take the stories with you as souvenirs! (As we call in Japanese, “Miyagebanashi” - souvenir stories.)

You can take an optional tour to IRIS filming locations!

The real “souvenirs,” you can them at the Kyukamura shop! The shop has many different types of local specialties – cookies, cakes, candies, soaps, lotions, dried noodles, pickled vegetables, etc. If you do not know what to pick, ask the friendly staffs. They will assist you!

Oranda Senbei (left top), Chin-tanpo (bottom left), Nyuto Manju (bottom center), Fukuochoko (bottom right)
- You can find them all at the souvenir shop.

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