Jan 12, 2012

Find Pyong-Chan, The Mascot Character of Tazawako Ski Area!

Tazawako Ski Area has been welcoming many visitors with a new staff - A mascot character named Pyong-Chan (ぴょんちゃん)!

Pyong-Chan has first appeared in the 2011-12 pamphlet and the poster. He or She - we don't know - is named "Pyong-Chan" after the Korean city, Pyoeongchang, where the 2018 Winer Olympic Games will be held. Tazawako Ski Area is celebrating that our Korean neighborhood will be hosting such an honorable event! Therefore, this is their way of expressing support for the successful games!

Pyong-Chan, the rabbit character, has been spotted at Tazawako Ski Area. Many people have seen it skiing very skillfully and tweeted with photos and comments like "Pyong-Chan is cute. Wow, he is a great skiier!"

Tazawako Ski Area has been promoting the character in a campaign! It is called "Wanted: Find Pyong-Chan!", in which you send a photo of you with Pyong-Chan to a designated e-mail address and enter the drawing for an all-day ticket, a 1,000Yen free lunch ticket, or a drink ticket!

The drawing will be held once during the following periods: December to January, February, March to April. The winners will be annoucned at Ski Center and will receive the prize at the Ticketing Counter (Information Center). - See the facility map.

*The prizes won on the drawing between March-April will be valid next season, 2012-13.

*Photos must be sent to oec@tazawako-ski.com.

Another fun event with Pyong-Chan: A game (hide-and-seek with Pyong-Chan) will be held on the Children's Day (January 22, February 19, March 18) at the Chibikko-Hiroba (Children's Play Area). Also, tickets for children (elementary to senior high school) will be half-priced on those days.

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