Nov 8, 2011

New Akita Komachi Rice Exported to Asia, Europe, and USA!

JA Akita Obako (JA秋田おばこ), Japan Agricultural Cooperatives in Akita Prefecture, has just shipped the first loads of Akita Komachi (あきたこまち)crop to overseas on November 7, 2011, reported Akita Sakigake Shinpo.

744 tons of the new crop have been shipped overseas this year, which will exceed the total shipment of 640 tons of last year. The rice will be shipped via the Kobe Port in Hyogo Prefecture to 10 different destinations around the globe - like Hong Kong and other Asian cities, Australia, USA, and Europe!


This year, the exported crops are provided by 140 farmers and organizations around Daisen City, Misato Town, and Semboku City. Considering the international apprehension related to the earthquake-related accidents and the expensive Japanese yen, the rice production has remained as the same amount as that of the previous year.


What is Akita Komachi?

Kiritanpo and Kiritanpo-nabe (hot pot)

Akita Komachi (あきたこまち)is the signature rice brand from Akita Prefecture. The rice has a rich aroma and very sticky texture. The rice is enjoyed at any temperature because it remains elastic and soft even after it cools down – that explains why it is popularly used for rice balls and bento boxes. The delicious flavor and such versatile quality have made the brand known as the most delicious rice of Japan. In this season of new crop, it is commonly used to make Akita’s most famous specialty dish, Kiritanpo.

Akita Prefecture is blessed with rich crop for its fertile soil, abundant clear water, and clean air – all features are ideal for rice cultivation. Akita is the third largest producer of rice in Japan!

The brand name, Akita Komachi, derives from Ono-no-Komachi, a 9th century poet known for her beauty and her birth in Akita Prefecture. Akita Prefectural Government promotes this brand to represent as “the rice that makes the beautiful person (bijin)” Needless to say, the brand is by far the most popular rice brand in Akita Prefecture!

Now that the crops are available overseas, you might find our proud rice in your local grocery stores! Make sure you share your experience with us!

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