Nov 8, 2011

Tazawako Beer Awarded as World's Best Pale Ale at WBA

Tazawako Beer has won another honorable prize – now selected as the World’s Best Altbier Pale Ale by The World Beer Award!

The World Beer Award has been given annually to recognize best quality beers from around the globe. They are first selected regionally and compete against one another globally in individual categories of Ale, Lager, Stout, Porter, and Wheat Beer.

In this contest held in the Britain, Tazawako Beer’s Alt has been selected as the World’s Best Altbier Pale Ale in the category of World’s Best Pale Ales, it has been officially announced on October 27th.

The judging procedure is done blind for the fairness, which makes this competition the most credible international beer contest. First Tazawako Beer’s Alt was chosen to represent as the number 1 from Asia, then it proceeded to the final selection. The judges have reasoned that it has “sweet, toasted wood aroma. Rich mouth-feel with strong Alt characters, syrupy palate. Nice berry fruit character behind a good balance of malt and hops. Slightly sweet but fitting of the style, clean finish. Delicious!”

Tazawako Beer is brewed by the Warabi-za theatre company in Semboku City, which is the first beer brewery of Akita Prefecture. Tazawako Beer has competed and been awarded at several international competitions held in Japan before, but the World Beer Award was their first time to win overseas.

For its abrupt achievement, Mr.Taguchi, the manager of Tazawako Beer, has commented, “We have been crafting our product with some confidence, but this recognition has made it even more positive. We would like to continue brewing our beer and hope to please people in Akita.”
For more information, please contact Tazawako Beer (田沢湖ビール; Tel. 0187-44-3988).

(Source/ Yomiuri On-Line)

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