Nov 18, 2011

Bishu Ranman Awarded with The Prize of Honor! Try Their Ginjoshu, Junmaishu, and Nigorizake!

Akita Meijou Corporation (秋田銘醸), a sake brewery of Bishu Ranman (美酒爛漫), has just been awarded with the Prize of Honor by the Sendai Regional Taxation Bureau's Research Institute of Brewing, in both categories of Ginjoshu and Junmaishu, a local news paper reported.

Akita-Meishu Corporation’s “Bishu Ranman” was a brand among the 17 Ginjoshu and 13 Junmaishu sake that were awarded from Akita Prefecture.

Their brewing motto is “quality comes first” and continues to brew in the traditional Akita style brewing, low-temperature and slow fermentation, that gives a mild and flavorful taste.

Here are the Ginjoshu and Junmaishu that they were awarded with, as well as the popular Nigori bottle.

Ginjoshu (吟醸酒):

Ginjoshu is a type of sake made with water, rice mold, and rice whose polishing rate is below 60%. 

GINJO "Michinoku Ginjo Hanaranman" (Left)

The ingredient is locally produced rice, Akita Sake Komachi. Brewed using the kanzukuri method, in which the sake is brewed during the coldest time of year – a typical Akita technique of low-temperature and slow fermentation. This sake is crisp but sweet flavor. 

GINJO "Tokubetsu Ginjo" (Right)
This Premium Sake is made according to the old standard. The excellent quality rice specially developed for sake brewing is polished with meticulous care and mildly brewed. This classic sake has subtle aroma and fine sweetness.

Junmaishu (純米酒):

Junmaishu is a type of sake made only with water, rice mold, and rice with no jozo alcohol.

JUNMAISHU "Managu Tako"

This Junmaishu is made of 100% Akita Komachi rice produced by JA’s Contract Farmers to ensure the traceability in the production process. The rich sweetness and mild acidity derive from the rice 100%, and its freshness and aroma are in perfect balance. The label design was inspired by the local tradition of Yuzawa Managu Tako, a kite characterized with hannyazu-like eye.

Nigori (にごり):

Nigori (Nigorizake) is another type of sake that is easily enjoyed. It is mildly filtered and unpasteurized sake with distinct cloudy texure. 

The company has just released seasonally limited sale! Their Nigorizake bottles comes in two volumes (1800ml/720ml). Ranman’s Nigori (Nigorizake) is smooth, fresh, and sweet, delicately crafted with a blend of two sake rice brands, Akita Sake Komachi and Akita Komachi. You will enjoy the nostalgic aroma given by the moromi mash.

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