Nov 15, 2011

Akita's New High-Speed Railway Train Made Its First Official Appearance!

Although the new Shinkansen train (“bullet train”) to alter the present Mini-Shinkansen Komachi will not make its official debut run until 2013, it is already much talked-about!

A model of E6 train has just been made its first public appearance in an official event held on October 12 and 13 in Akita City.

The brand new E6 train features the distinctive, elongated front that resembles “a red nose,” which measures almost twice as long as the current model called Mini-Shinkansen Komachi. The outside has a bold red line that is to remind us of Akita’s symbolic creature, Namahage. The seats are in striking golden yellow of ripe rice ears – another symbolic color of Akita prefecture!

The Green Car (first-class cabin) is spacious and equipped with an electric outlet, reading lights, and a foot rest!

 According to a local newspaper, the first 1,000 visitors were privileged to see the model on each day, many of who were families with children. They complimented that “(the red front) looks like a beak and seems fast and cool,” and enjoyed touching and taking photos with the train.
Green Car

You will be most likely to take this train to visit Akita from Tokyo area, if not flying in to the nearest airport, Akita Airport, about 60 minutes away from Tazawako via buses and trains. The travel between Tazawako and Tokyo is only 3 hours (will become shorter with E6) with no transit needed. Besides the convenience, trains will allow you to look more closely at the beautiful countryside of deep north!

Just imagine sitting on the rice-ear colored seats and running through the beautiful rice paddies in Akita. Let us all look forward to it!

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