Nov 15, 2011

Even Japan's Best Pitcher, Tanaka, is Staying at a Hot Spring in Tazawako!

The therapeutic benefits of a hot spring have been recommended by doctors and therapists alike for many centuries. The continuing study has proven that it balances out the blood pressure, cures the skin diseases, eases the pains, and relaxes your mind and soul.

“Hot Springs are the best way to recover from the postseason fatigue,” said by Mr. Hoshino, a famous manager of Tohoku’s professional baseball team, Rakuten Golden Eagles. He recognizes the valuable benefits of “toji”(湯治), a traditional hot spring therapy, and has highly recommended to his team.

In the recent report, Eagle’s talented pitcher, Masahiro Tanaka, has just held a press conference to announce his first achievement of the Sawamura Award, an accolade that is given to the best pitcher in Japan!

Tanaka won his first Sawamura Award!

To our surprises, his press conference was reported from a hitou (“secret hot spring,”) in Tazawako, Semboku City! We also learned that this particular inn was highly recommended by Mr. Hoshino, for he repeatedly visited the place in his heyday as a popular pitcher.

Tanaka celebrated by Namahage (?) of Akita.

Tanaka and his teammates have been overhauling here for 10 days. The team manager adds: “After all, hospitals could not give as much relaxing effect as the hot springs.”
So, where is the “hitou” he is staying at?

We wish we knew -- it’s really been kept a “secret,” after all.

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