Oct 12, 2011

Akita will host Miss Universe Japan Audition!

Did you know that Akita has the largest number of beauty salons in Japan? It is true! As is shown by the beautiful talents from Akita Prefecture like Natsuki Kato and Nozomi Sasaki, Akita is known as a place where the women have a higher awareness of physical beauty. They are mostly known for its features like bright and smooth skin with impressive facial parts and have been praised for many centuries as “Akita Bijin.” (秋田美人)

Akita Bijin were recently a popular topic in our community as well, since the group of 100 Akita Bijin gathered in Tokyo to promote the tourism to Akita Prefecture. The event as much talked about on medias. Even Mr. Mizobata, the Commissioner of Japan Tourism Agency, has acknowledged their contribution and wished the campaign would continue for the future tourism promotion.  (photos)

100 Akita Bijin Campaign in Tokyo was held last month.

Now the international beauty contest, Miss Universe Japan 2012, has announced that they are having an audition at Akita Castle Hotel in Akita City on November 4th, 2011!

The contest organizers visited Akita Prefectural government office on October 11 and expressed to the press that they wish to “make Akita Bijin a universal brand”. This will be the first Miss Universe Japan audition held in Akita Prefecture.

The Miss Universe Japan contest has started in 1952 and has been signed up by approximately 4,000 women in Japan. The contestants compete in not only the physical beauty, but also the sophistication. This year, the auditions will be held in 18 cities all over Japan.

Miss Universe Japan 2011

To enter, the contestant is required to be a unmarried woman with a Japanese citizenship in the age between 18 and 26 as of February 1, 2012. The application is downloaded from the official website (http://www.muj-akita.jp/) and must be submitted before December 5th, 2011. The current titleholder, Maria Kamiyama (age 24) commented, “A brand-new experience is waiting for you. Let us pursue for beauty together.”

Let us support the contest! If you know someone, please convince her to submit her application, so that the most well-known Akita’s specialty, the beautiful women can become worldly known!

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