Jun 16, 2011

Nozomi Sasaki And Natsuki Kato Commissioned as Akita's Tourism Ambassodors

Back in November 2010, Akita Prefectural Government has announced that they have commissioned Akita-native TV talents, Natsuki Kato (加藤夏希)and Nozomi Sasaki (佐々木 希), as the Akita’s Tourism Ambassadors, “Akita Bi-no-Kuni Taishi" (秋田美の国大使).

Natsuki Kato & Nozomi Sasaki  (Source / Akita Keizai Shinbun)

The commission is part of the Prefecture’s effort to improve the image of Akita Prefecture. These two were selected because they have been nationally known as Akita-bijin (秋田美人), the beautiful women of Akita: Miss Natsuki Kato is from Yuri-honjo City, and Miss Nozomi Sasaki is from Akita City.

Miss Natsuki Kato spent her life in Akita Prefecture until her middle school years. She was scouted and debuted as an image girl of a game company. Miss Nozomi Sasaki was scouted by a magazine company when she was working at a fashion mall building in front of JR Akita Station.

They have been promoting Akita prefecture by providing information about Akita on TV programs and appearing at local events and posters.

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